Smell - taste room

We are what we eat!

Sala olfatto - gusto
Taste and smell are two connected senses and for this reason presented in the same exhibition area of La Città.

This colorful and exciting experiential journey makes us discover that the flavor we feel comes not only from the taste buds but is the union of a lot of information coming from the nose, from tactile sensations and, strange as it may seem, even from sight!

We will understand that the tongue provides us with information on the consistency and crunchiness of food but that it is the observation of the dish together with the color that makes us "foretaste" what is in front of us.
We will be amazed at how olfactory stimuli are the fundamental basis of information exchange and social organization in some species.

A unique journey into taste that will help adults and children understand the importance of developing their own food identity and proper nutrition!

Sala olfatto - gusto
All spaces
Interactive experiences
Not a one-way visit and there is no set route:
a place to move from room to room to discover, play and explore your senses
Know the world, know yourself.
Each child will be able to deepen their knowledge through play and direct experience .

Not a museum.
But a journey in itself .
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