Hearing room

Play and experiment with this fantastic sense that connects us to the world from the first moments of life!

Sala udito
We experiment with pipe systems and sound-absorbing panels, figures to play with sound waves! Let's understand together that sound is alive and why we like some sounds and not others.

A path where children and adults can experience the principles of acoustics while having fun together!

And finally.. put yourself to the test! Young and old, who will win the balancing contest?!

Music, sounds, noises, words!

The ear is the organ that picks up sound waves and sends the right stimuli to the brain for coding all the information! But the ear is also much more! The receptors responsible for our balance float inside it.

In this room we discover how sound propagates and why our voices are all different!

Sala udito
All spaces
Interactive experiences
Not a one-way visit and there is no set route:
a place to move from room to room to discover, play and explore your senses
Know the world, know yourself.
Each child will be able to deepen their knowledge through play and direct experience .

Not a museum.
But a journey in itself .
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