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The eyes are the mirror of the soul!

Sala vista
A path made of experiences to understand the magic of our eyes! Experience the perception of primary colors, red, blue and green and the creation of the image, whose biological principle is also used to compose digital images using pixels.

How is a shadow created?
How do magnifiers work?
What colors make up light?
Find out how eyeglasses, spotting scopes, microscopes and optical telescopes work. Play with reflections and symmetrical composition of images!

Understanding what visual stimuli are and playing with light and its components!

And then mirror images, optical illusions, plays of light…

All this and much more awaits you here!

Sala vista
All spaces
Interactive experiences
Not a one-way visit and there is no set route:
a place to move from room to room to discover, play and explore your senses
Know the world, know yourself.
Each child will be able to deepen their knowledge through play and direct experience .

Not a museum.
But a journey in itself .
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