Touch room

Touching you learn!

Sala tatto
Grabbing, manipulating, caressing… these are just some of the actions we can do with our hands! Through touch we can understand the world around us and how to live it to the fullest!
Touching is a primordial instinct that allows us to appreciate the reality of things and to communicate our emotions to the people around us.

In this room, tactile exploration is stimulated with fun and intelligent experiences to understand how fine the perception of our body can be!
With our eyes closed or in the dark, thanks to our hands we recognize the hardness, consistency, roughness and shape of what surrounds us.

We will play and learn to understand the difference between active and passive touch and we will understand how this sense can sometimes replace sight.
A unique and exciting experience to share with the whole family!
Sala tatto
All spaces
Interactive experiences
Not a one-way visit and there is no set route:
a place to move from room to room to discover, play and explore your senses
Know the world, know yourself.
Each child will be able to deepen their knowledge through play and direct experience .

Not a museum.
But a journey in itself .
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