Primary school

GUIDED TOUR Duration 1h
Cost: €60 per guide, 1 guide per class (maximum 25 students), to which must be added the entrance ticket for each student (€6).

The guided tour allows the deepening of the functionality of the 5 senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.
The layouts of the exhibition itinerary allow for the adaptation of the visit according to the age of the participants, from 3 to 13 years old.
By directly experiencing the experiences proposed in the various exhibition halls, students will be able to deepen with the guide the principles that regulate the interaction of our body with the outside world and the implications that the physical, chemical and biological phenomena that regulate them have on our daily life .

WORKSHOPS Duration 1h
Cost: €3.50 per student, minimum 15 students, maximum 25 students


Perceiving the smell and taste of what we eat is the first step in a long journey that food makes every day inside our body. Pasta, meat, fruit, vegetables, let's learn to recognize them and reconstruct the path they take to be digested by reconstructing our digestive system with a game.

Like a robot
Forward, backward, left, right... we understand how to move in space using our senses. Once we learn to orient ourselves, let's teach it to M-Tiny, a small robot, to guide him in his adventures!
M-Tiny is capable of bringing children closer to the world of programming. Between stars and planets, forests and mountains or seas and oceans, we'll have to give the robot the right directions to follow the road that will lead him to discover different worlds.
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