The house under construction

Let's build together!

La casa in costruzione
… in La Città dei Bambini e dei Ragazzi the children's home could not be missing!!

A real construction site made of scaffolding, pulleys, forklifts and child-friendly wheelbarrows!
Here children up to 5 years old can have fun collaborating together, contributing to the construction of a building and its continuous evolution. Everything needed for construction is present on site! The materials used are soft foam and are handled with the help of wheelbarrows, cranes and conveyor belt operated directly by the children!

A dynamic and creative experience to share with all your friends!!
La casa in costruzione
All spaces
Interactive experiences
Not a one-way visit and there is no set route:
a place to move from room to room to discover, play and explore your senses
Know the world, know yourself.
Each child will be able to deepen their knowledge through play and direct experience .

Not a museum.
But a journey in itself .
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