Primary School

GUIDED TOUR Duration 1h20'
Cost: €60 per guide, 1 guide per class (maximum 30 students), to which must be added the entrance ticket for each student (€6).

The guided tour allows the deepening of the functionality of the 5 senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.
The layouts of the exhibition itinerary allow for the adaptation of the visit according to the age of the participants, from 3 to 13 years old.
By directly experiencing the experiences proposed in the various exhibition halls, students will be able to deepen with the guide the principles that regulate the interaction of our body with the outside world and the implications that the physical, chemical and biological phenomena that regulate them have on our daily life .

WORKSHOPS Duration 1h
Cost: €4.50 per student, minimum 15 students, maximum 1 class

Avoiding obstacles without using sight, understanding the warmth of an object without touching it, savoring food without using taste. Having new senses capable of transforming us into Super Heroes has always been the dream of each of us. Let's find out which are the sensory receptors that allow us to interact with the environment around us, let's compare them with those of animals and with the help of technology let's try to acquire new supersenses.

Happen ohhh
Odorless, colorless and tasteless these are the first characteristics of water that we learn to recognize. Water is able to stimulate all our senses and amaze us every time we come into contact with it. A series of experiments will help us to discover all its properties. Finally, with the addition of a little soap, we're going to create bubbles of all shapes and sizes.

Light and Color
What is light? How does it interact with matter? How and why do we see and perceive shapes and colours?
Let's open a box full of experiments together to answer this and other questions.
We compare different light sources, try to break down white light into many colors and recreate white by adding colored lights. Let's isolate some colors using filters and try to understand how the perception of our eye works.

Everything transforms
Liquid, solid, gaseous, transparent, coloured, hot, cold... The matter that surrounds us has characteristics that can change rapidly before our eyes.
We make different substances interact and observe what happens. Let's create together a series of chemical reactions capable of stimulating all our senses to discover the characteristics of the elements that make up ourselves and everything around us.

We follow the journey that a nerve impulse takes from a fingertip to the brain. Like so many elements of a complex and enormous electrical circuit, receptors and neurons carry signals from one end of our body to the other. Using cables, batteries, LEDs and plasticine we try to rebuild it to understand how it works. Let's play with materials to find out if all of them are capable of conducting electricity just like our nervous system.

BOOM, Shhh, Din, Boing, Clap, Bla, Splash!
We find them in comics, books and we also use them when we talk to our friends: onomatopoeic sounds are now part of our lives.
Let's try to reproduce them with our voice, using objects and musical instruments.
Among noises and melodies we discover what a sound is, how it propagates and how our hearing deciphers it.

Making instruments capable of observing ever smaller worlds continues to be one of the great technological challenges that humanity has been pursuing for centuries. Let's transform our smartphones or some tablets into microscopes and let's start a microscopic treasure hunt through the spaces of the City of Children and Teenagers.

Ortoslalom - Vegetables in every sense
(available for classes from second to fifth, excluding first)

How much do you know about fruits and vegetables? What about legumes? Get ready to challenge your companions in an obstacle course that will allow you to challenge yourself between movement tests and knowledge of vegetables. In this laboratory you will challenge yourself to find the right answer to a question about these foods, but you can only do it after facing a real slalom. Together, we will explore the characteristics of fruit, vegetables and legumes, their origin, history, the right season, colour... and more. We will discover that a little balance between nutrition and movement leads to a healthy life full of flavour.  
Organized by CREA - Food and Nutrition Center    Scuola primaria
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