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The perception of my body.

The small wood in the city is divided into a series of sensory and motor experiences that stimulate the sharing of discovery between the child and the accompanying adult.

The tiny wood in the city .

The tiny wood in the city is a project in collaboration with Comune di Genova – Assessorato Servizi Educativi Settore 06 and University of Genoa – Faculty of Architecture.

It’s an experiential path with the little house the mirror to recognize one’s own image, the ravine to hide, the river to cross and the cave to “face” and overcome the fear of what is unknown.

Here there are what you can find in La città dei bambini e dei ragazzi.

You can browse clicking over the map or picking each space on the menu on the left, discovering all areas for different age groups.

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3/5 years old Space

The discovery world is dedicated to kids from 3 to 5 years: In the recreation of a construction site with bricks made out of foam rubber, wheelbarrows, cranes and a conveyor belt, children learn how to relate to other people. In the exhibit “Hands in water” they can discover the five senses ad young scientists through Sensory and sensorial-perceptive experiences.

6/13 years old Space

In the area dedicated to kids from 6 to 13 years, they can connect with the animal world with a recreation of an anthill; with the technology of an actual television studio; with physics through optical illusions, soap bubbles and lights and mirrors games and experiments.